Most of Extreme Discounts and Coupons

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Everyone would like to treat themselves to their most favorite items, spending less, or even grabbing a few euros instead. Well, this is what is possible when you are an extreme “cutter”. With a little bit of time and organization, you can reduce your bill at the register and better yet, earn money. By going through this article, you will be able to know how to find coupons and how to make the most of your coupons and other coupons and thus fill your pockets.


Subscribe to the national, regional press or that of your town or even the neighboring town; in any case, as the savings generated by your coupons will be sufficient to pay for these various subscriptions.


Be on the lookout for advertising inserts from companies like Unilever, which promote discount coupons. You can then find between 2 and 3 inserts dedicated to discount coupons every Sunday.


Browse the flyers distributed by your favorite stores. You might often find coupons printed at the bottom of the page or right next to some of your favorite items.


Find out when your favorite store is printing their flyers. Consider subscribing to the Thursday edition, for example, if you are sure that your favorite grocery store prints its flyers every Thursday.


Subscribe to newsletters to receive promotional offers from your stores by email. Many stores will be able to send you coupons or send you their brochures electronically. If you choose to acquire a loyalty card from a business, be sure to provide them with your email address, specifying that you wish to receive email from it with current specials.


Scan your stores as you browse the shelves. It is not impossible that you will find discount coupons right next to your favorite products. Be careful, you could also find discount voucher machines, right at the entrance of some shopping centers. There are also stores that have terminals where you can insert your loyalty card and print your discount vouchers, then generated by your previous purchases.


Learn how to find QR codes. If you have them scanned using your mobile, these codes can indeed direct you to an online discount voucher, which you can then redeem at your checkout.


Download a mobile application that lets you read QR codes, such as QRREADER code readers for iPhone and QR Droid for Android phones. Like that Click on the app to open it option.


In general, to activate your scanner, all you have to do is aim at the code in question with the camera lens and then press the indicated key on your mobile. Then scan the code and you will see the coupon or the hidden website displayed in clear text on your mobile. Be careful though! These instructions may vary from application to application, so make sure you have the right application and the correct instructions.


Consider bartering your coupons. You probably have friends who share your passion for couponing. Partner with them and exchange your coupons that you find less interesting for the more advantageous.


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