Discount Coupon Offers

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Thus, 85% of consumers regularly use coupons there, according to the Advertiser Union, and more than half in the form of digitized coupons.


The only question remains of course to ensure profitability. Especially when the operations create a windfall effect by allowing customers to buy products at a lower price that they would have bought anyway.


A problem that is all the more thorny to resolve as the number of models is increasing, ranging from a reduction voucher to “cashback” – reimbursement of a purchase in the form of cash or loyalty points – through more traditional crossed out prices.


Some want to acquire new customers, others to retain them, still others to sell stock etc. Its current formula consists above all in creating a “buying frenzy while respecting the golden rule of limited time and limited stock”. With operations which either accompany strong increases in audiences such as “prime time” between 6 and 10 pm, or on the contrary revive consumption during slack periods “in April and October”.


The main reason I don’t like couponing is that I don’t think the time invested / money saved ratio is good.


To save $ 15 or $ 20 a week, many people spend long hours flipping through flyers, looking for the best deals, comparing prices, finding coupons (in flyers, newspapers, magazines, inserts or online), putting them together by categories, check the expiration dates, then make a shopping list according to what is more advantageous.


For me, the math is easy: if I made more money by working an hour or two more (even at minimum wage) than spending that same hour or two doing couponing, the couponing is not there.


If I’m shopping online and shipping is expensive, I’ll quickly see (two minutes of research max!) If there’s a code to get free shipping.


But I don’t actively seek coupons for everything, all the time, because I believe my time is better spent elsewhere.


The image of the couponing in the media makes me sick to my stomach. People who over consume in the extreme under the pretext that they are saving, that is crock, period.


There is NO point in having pasta for the next 30 years. There is no good reason, absolutely NO, to have such a collection.


Most grocery stores have a cycle of promotions that is fairly easy to follow, even without effort.


If you take a look at the flyer from the nearest grocery store every week, you’ll see it pretty quickly. Without having done any advanced study, I would say the cycle repeats about every three months.


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