Couponing 102

People are sometimes embarrassed to use coupons as they think they may look like a cheapskate. Or they think that redeeming a couple will make them appear to be poor or associated with the other stereotypes that sometimes attached to them.

These sites are used by millions of families, not just low income households. The websites are simple to use and print free coupons from, and the disabled, senior citizens, and others can easily navigate these sites. Most of the free coupon deals can be printed right at your home

Here are some helpful hints for you 🙂

Customize your coupons by adding expiration dates and BOGO. Some stores set certain expiration dates for separate items because the retailer takes a 15% saving on their code if you buy all three items as part of a single purchase. To get more savings, find a combination of supermarkets in your area that offer double coupon days and/or BOGO to get maximum discounts.

Ask for coupons! Companies are often overwhelmed at the thought of writing coupon codes. Many, however, can refer you to people who have coupons. Often these people can provide guidance for where to find coupons .

Always compare what you find on your favorite shopping site with another retailer as not all sales sites provide the best bargains.

If you are looking for a discount code or a coupon code to use on a certain retailer then there is an even easier way to do this and that is to simply visit the brand name website.

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