Coupon discount different types

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Nowadays there are different ways to save money on internet purchases, including cash back or other tips you will find in this article.


But how do you get discounts on purchases made in supermarkets?


The solutions have not evolved too much on that side. Coupons are always the best way to lower your final bill. Here is a quick overview of the solutions available to you to find the best discounts.


Discount coupons

Discount coupons still have a bright future ahead! They are found in different forms:

• in print advertisements

• in magazines

• on receipts


And they are not going to go away because they are a great way for brands to market their products at a lower cost to the consumer. You can now find sites specializing in coupons. All you have to do is select the vouchers that interest us, print them out, then present them during your checkout. Vouchers are for one-time use and limited to one use per ticket.


Discount coupons made available by brands


Brands also offer consumers discounts on their own sites. These could be coupons to print before going shopping, or promotional offers for the purchase of multiple products.




With the ubiquity of smart phones in our daily lives, consumers now have access to a whole range of applications that they can use when shopping in stores. The principle is simple. Every day apps offer discounts on a set of products valid for a limited time. Once you have chosen to receive a discount, you go to the store and purchase the product in question at the normal price.


Optionally, you can scan the barcode to verify that it is the correct product. Once you’ve finished shopping, you start the app, select the discount, then just take a picture of your invoice and send it as proof of purchase. The photograph should clearly show the place and date of the purchase. Coupon rewards you for your loyalty to your favorite brands. The more you buy the app’s partner brands, the more points you earn. These points can then be exchanged for reductions or to benefit from free products.


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