Budget and Coupon Guide

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These days, we think a lot about saving a few dollars left and right. After creating (or updating) your budget and categorizing your essential and non-essential expenses, there are other ways to save a few bucks.


Among them:Β  Couponing. Or more specifically, using coupons on items that are on sale or falling in price to get the best possible price, or even pay nothing at all.


Pasta at 5 cents a box? Let’s go?

Yes, no kidding. You might mistakenly think that saving with coupons dates from another era, but many have mastered the art of coupons, and this, in a way that is not badly healthier than we will get. could see in the show Extreme couponing.


Here’s where to start the hunt for discounts.

The art of coupon

Do you want to save money? There is a way to do it with coupons. It won’t always be on what you want or need right now, but once your machine is well oiled, there will be ways to save on the vast majority of the essentials you buy at the grocery store at the pharmacy or in supermarkets.


Coupons and promotions of all kinds are everywhere, just open your eyes.

Where do we find coupons?

To coupon, it takes coupons. And since this is myth-busting: no, you don’t necessarily need flyers or a pair of scissors to get them.


Several coupon communities like Miss Coupon offer a bundle of resources to find your first coupons. These platforms keep abreast of the latest postings and compile it all according to various formulas.


Finally, if you’re passing through the stores, stay tuned. In the lobby, once you’ve sanitized your hands, check to see if there are displays with the flyers and weekly offers. You will be able to target savings opportunities at your favorite stores.


Being faithful pays off

The majority of grocery stores offer their variation of the loyalty program. It’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.


It’s all well and good to have coupons, now you have to use them and above all, you have to know how to use them well. Before you go to your grocery store to claim your free spaghetti, it is essential to read the fine print on your coupons and then apply them according to the rules mentioned.


Is there an unbeatable pricing policy?

Before you even get your coupons out, you might ask at Walmart stores if they can match the price of the same item sold at a lower price in another store.


Can I combine offers?

Without going into details, there are ways to make double, triple or quadruple savings depending on our use as well as when we use our coupons:


Like if you a pasta seller

The pasta is on sale, I use a coupon from the manufacturer (Barilla for example) as well as a store coupon. The pasta is on sale, I use a branded coupon, as well as a coupon from the grocery store, and best of all, I get points back through my loyalty program.


Okay, that’s high-flying couponing, but it’s just to give you an idea of ​​how far the economy can go when you get down to it. You will have homework to do to get there, but there is nothing impossible.

Have time


“It’s not true that I spend 25 hours a week on my coupons or go to bed at three in the morning chasing deals,” Katheryne explains to me.

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